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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Skip Metro Suite Screen For Windows 8 (x64 & x86 Bits) 3.0 Setup Full Register

"Skip Metro Suite Settings" is a free software which allows you to:
  • Skip Start Screen and directly boot into Windows 8 Desktop
  • Disable Charms Bar
  • Disable App Switcher
  • Disable Start button thumbnail from bottom-left corner
  • Disable drag-to-close feature
You just need to check the option to disable desired feature and then click on "Save Settings" button. Restart Windows to take effect.
Once restarted, you'll directly boot into Windows 8 Desktop and Windows will not show Charms Bar and App Switcher panel when you move the cursor to screen corners. You'll still be able to access Charms Bar and App Switcher using keyboard shortcuts Win+C and Win+Tab respectively.

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